Contract Bonds

Performance Bonds are designed to ensure that a contractual agreement will be performed within the terms and specifications outlined. As an example, should a contractor default, a performance bond in general will obligate the surety to finance the contractor and undertake completion of the project, or tender a replacement contractor for the owner. The last option is for the surety to pay the bond penalty.

Maintenance Bonds are designed to ensure that a project will operate free of defects in both materials and workmanship for a designated period of time.

Payment Bonds and Labor and Materials Bonds are designed to ensure that a contractor will make timely payments in full for materials and labor in support of the project.

We are a leading provider of contract bonds for small and mid-size businesses alike. We frequently work with contractors who have periodic bond requirements and offer surety solutions for those contractors who may find they do not meet the "credit model" requirements of other surety underwriters. We are an active participant in the U.S. Small Business Administration Bond Guarantee program and provide solutions to many minority businesses in need of contract bonds. We offer fast, hassle-free bonds under our one-page application program with limited paperwork on projects that fall under $100,000.
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Contract Bonds

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Subdivision Bond Program

Solutions for stand-alone small and large-tract subdivision bonds.
Obtain an application for subdivision bonds over $50,000.

Small Subdivision Bond Program

Obtain a multi-application and personal financial statement for bonds under $50,000.

Small Business Administration Bond Guarantee Program

Find out more about the SBA Bond Guarantee Program through our Central Office.

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